Water Survival Box aid is being sent to:  YEMEN

A new consignment of 200 boxes start their journey from Water Survival Box’s depot in Radstock, UK. by road to Southampton.


Type of disaster: CONFLICT

Tuesday, 13th July - A new consignment of 200 boxes start their journey from Water Survival Box’s depot in Radstock, UK. by road to Southampton.This new transportation of aid to Yemen is organised through IMC (International Medical Corps – Yemen) and will leave Southampton on the 31st of July on the container carrying vessel “CMA CGM BOUGAINVILLE” Its estimated arrival in Aden is the 25th of August. Once again this aid is financed through donors supporting WSB in the UK, Switzerland and Denmark. To them we give many thanks for without their donations this delivery could not take place.

Tuesday, 2nd of August - The 398m long, 54m wide CMA CGM Bougainville, left Southampton on the 31st of July with 200 Water Survival Boxes on board. Its presently moored in the port of La Havre where it takes on more cargo before continuing its journey to Yemen. Return to this site regularly to follow the vessels progress as it brings our WSB aid to those in dire need in Yemen.

Tuesday, 16th of August -  The CMA CGM Bougainville is now travelling thought the Red Sea. Its next port of call on the18th will be Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Still expected to arrive in Aden is the 25th of August.

Tuesday 31st of August - After 31 days at sea, the container carrying our 200 Water Survival Boxes have arrived at the port of Aden. IMC (International Medical Corps – Yemen) will now arrange collection and distribution of this much needed aid. Once this has taken place IMC will keep us informed and we in turn will post this news on our site. A special thank you to all our donors who are supporting WSB  UK, Switzerland and Denmark. Without your generosity this delivery could not have taken place.

14th September 2021 - Our in-country partners IMC inform us that the shipment that arrived in Aden on the 31st of August is still at Aden seaport. The normal time for the release of shipment is 2-3 weeks. Sometimes shipments take more than 3 weeks to get cleared and moved to the IMC warehouse because of day-to-day changing rules of the customs and other Governmental authorities involve in approving exemptions and releases. IMC will update us immediately once the shipment is cleared and moved to the warehouse.

Friday 15th October -  We are pleased to report that our in-county partners, International Medical Corps, have informed us that our boxes are now out of the docks and they look forward to distribution taking place shortly

Thursday 13th of January -  We are pleased to report that International Medical Corps completed the distribution of 200 standard water-survival boxes on the January 13, 2022. Distributions began the week of December 27, 2021. The IMC team as well as local authorities monitored the distribution. The team distribution the majority of the water-survival boxes at carefully selected distribution points. For elderly beneficiaries or those living with disabilities, they conducted house-to-house distributions with support from CHVs. Thanks to your  generous donation the International Medical Corp reached 200 households, approximately 1,700 individuals, with water-survival boxes providing them with access to safe water. While the hygiene supplies will be consumed within a few months, many of the items found in the water-survival boxes such as the water purification system and kitchen utensils will be used for years. Thank you so much for your support.



Visit this page regularly for new updates following this cargo's journey to its intended beneficiary

Each box contains an Aquafilter pump and health and hygiene items, stainless steel kitchen set, basic shelter, simple tools, and other necessary household items. The Aquafilter pump supplied in each box when attached to the box provided can then be filled with dirty water. When manually pumped through the pumps filter it is able to deliver 10 litres of safe drinking water per person each day and will provide for a family of five for up to five years

Thank you for raising funds that have enabled this chain of events to take place. Your aid has been instrumental in providing 10 liters of safe drinking water per person each day and will provide for a family of five for up to five years. Giving this family and families like them hope for the future

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