Water Survival Box aid is being sent to:  YEMEN

To maximise its effectiveness Water Survival Box aid is airlifted to its destination. But due to Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions placed upon the international transporting of freight, on this occasion we teamed up with Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire. With their assistance our boxes on this rare occasion were sent in containers by sea.

Type of disaster: CONFLICT

After six years of war, Yemen remains the world's worst humanitarian crisis. More than 4 million people have been uprooted from their homes and more than 20 million are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. The risk of a large-scale famine in the country has never been more acute

 April 2021 -  The consignment of 200 boxes will be leaving our depot on Tuesday the 6th (immediately after the Easter Bank Holiday break) on route to Yorkshire where they will be loaded into a shipping container together with other aid items. From there the container will be taken overland to the UK port for loading onto the cargo ship for the journey to Aden.


  9th April 2021- The 200 WSB boxes on their way to Yemen have arrived at the warehouse of J.O.Y. in Yorkshire and have been loaded into a container with other aid scheduled to be transported by container ship ( due to covid air freight restrictions) to Aden. The ship scheduled to leave the UK on the 17th of April is estimated to arrive in Yemen in June. 

10th June 2021 - We are please to announce the safe arrival of the vessel carrying the 200 Water Survival Boxes at the port of Aden. The Freight company has released the boxes and are awaiting Yemen Vision to take the load into their storage. From there the final stage of redistribution will take place.

Visit this page regularly for new updates following this cargo's journey to its intended beneficiary

Each box contains an Aquafilter pump and health and hygiene items, stainless steel kitchen set, basic shelter, simple tools, and other necessary household items. The Aquafilter pump supplied in each box when attached to the box provided can then be filled with dirty water. When manually pumped through the pumps filter it is able to deliver 10 litres of safe drinking water per person each day and will provide for a family of five for up to five years

Thank you for raising funds that have enabled this chain of events to take place. Your aid has been instrumental in providing 10 liters of safe drinking water per person each day and will provide for a family of five for up to five years. Giving this family and families like them hope for the future

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