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Ukraine  Appeal  - Water Survival Box UK is monitoring the rapidly unfolding situation both in Ukraine and in the bordering countries to which refugees are fleeing from the war. We maintain contact with a number of our partner NGOs to determine the need for either Standard Water Survival Boxes or the Multi-pack version. When the need is confirmed we would aim to work with a recognised NGO operating on the ground to ensure our aid did get to families in need.

Latest on Ukraine - Tuesday 19th. April 2022

Although the advice we have received suggests that it is not yet practical to send our boxes into Ukraine we have been able to send two consignments overland. The first was facilitated by the Pallet Network and consisted of 9000 toothbrushes and 4500 tubes of toothpaste, commodities requested for refugees in Poland.

Our second consignment was sent via Rotary District 1200 who arranged an HGV to take a wide range of medical and other supplies. Included in that were a further two pallets of toothbrushes and toothpaste as well as 600 solar lamps.
We are delighted to tell you that these have now been distributed in Ukraine in the city of LVIV by Rotary.
We have received this post on our Facebook page

"Thank you Water Survival Box! This was received in Lviv, Ukraine on Friday 15th April and distributed on via the Ротарі в Україні / Rotary in Ukraine network the following day.  Igor Savchykevych Vasyl Polonsky Tamara Nedobor"

The cost of these two deliveries was in the region of £21000 so all donations are very welcome

Ukrainian Aid Arrives in Poland before Easter - Water Survival Boxes second consignment of aid providing requested items for families affected by the war in Ukraine has arrived in Poland  It was a part of the much larger lorry load of ‘medical equipment and specified items’ being provided by Rotary in England and coordinated by our District Governor Michael Fernando and President Lyndon Brett of the Bridgwater Rotary Club.

Thursday 24th March - Our second shipment of aid for the people of Ukraine leaves the Water Survival Box warehouse in Midsomer Norton destined for Poland. On this occasion the consignment consisted of another pallet of Toothbrushes (approx. 9500)  and (approx 4800 tubes of Toothpaste and for the first time a pallet of Sola Lamps. The shipment that will travel by land is expected to arrive at its destination early next week. We continue to monitor the situation and provide aid as requested. Follow this page for the latest updates.

14th March 2022
Water Survival Box UK policy continues to monitor the rapidly unfolding situation both in Ukraine and in the bordering countries to which refugees are fleeing from the war.

A pallet of 4416 tubes of toothpaste and a pallet of 9024 toothbrushes will leave our Westfield warehouse today and depart from the pallet collection centre hopefully this Friday  heading for a destination in Poland. Further Shipments containing our standard Water Survival Boxes are planned in the near future subject to demand.

5th  March 2022 - The on-going invasion of the Ukraine has already caused 1.5 million people to escape, seeking sanctuary in neighbouring countries. The infrastructure, including supplies of water, of their home areas has already been severely damaged.
Water Survival Boxes are designed to meet the short to medium term needs of displaced families and this is our immediate priority – although the timing will be determined by clarification of where and when the need is confirmed. The current appeal is primarily intended to target these needs.
We are maintaining close contact with other Rotary initiatives being coordinated by Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland in partnership with Rotary Inter-Country Committees across Europe.
In the longer term any unspent donations made specifically for the Ukraine would be ring-fenced and then used to assist in funding one or more long-term sustainable water projects in that country. During the past 16 years we have used this procedure to pay for such projects in Sri Lanka (2011-2012), Nepal (2015), and Indonesia (2021-2022).
Our Rotary registered charity is entirely volunteer managed and operated so that every pound donated is applied to covering the costs of the boxes, contents, and air freight to expedite their delivery.
Donations can be made and boosted by applying gift aid (if you are a taxpayer).

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