Water Survival Box aid is being sent to:  Syria

To maximise its effectiveness Water Survival Box aid is airlifted to its destination. But due to Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions placed upon the international transporting of freight, on this occasion we teamed up with Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire. With their assistance our boxes on this rare occasion were sent in containers by sea.

Type of disaster: CONFLICT

While levels of violence have reduced significantly, over 11 million people in Syria still require humanitarian aid. 10 years of war beset by violations, including crimes against humanity, has destroyed the country’s infrastructure, with homes and schools destroyed, lack of clean water and sanitation, is a significant factor effecting the population.

Friday the 16th of April - Due to logistical considerations our consignment of 200 WSB aid has been split in two. 100 boxes leaving Parker Transport in Radstock on Friday the 16th and the second 100 will leave on Monday the 19th. These 200 boxes will as the first part of their journey be transported to Birmingham, England. Then with the help of our partners on this project (Hand in Hand for Syria)  be sent by sea freight from the UK on the first available ship.  Date of arrival at the warehouses of “Hand in Hand for Syria” will depend on departure date from the UK. Follow this page for updates as they become available.

Aid to Syria

Saturday the 1st of May - HIHFAD Volunteers in Birmingham came out to the storage area on the early morning in Ramadan to help load the WS Boxes into the container that will be placed on the ship leaving this week for Syria. The voyage is expected to take between five and six weeks. Bringing much needed aid to the people of Syria. News on its progress will be shown on this news feed.

Friday the 28th of May - The current position of MONTE ALEGRE  ( the ship carrying Water Survival Boxes of aid) is at East Mediterranean (coordinates 31.8341 N / 34.64919 E) The vessel is on route to the port of Alexandria, Egypt, and expected to arrive there on May 29, 06:00. From Alexandria the vessel will continue on its journey, bringing our aid boxes to those in need

Monday the 7th of June - The current position of MONTE ALEGRE is at East Mediterranean (coordinates 31.44545 N / 32.45194 E)  The vessel is en route to the port of Port Said, Egypt, sailing at a speed of 0.4 knots and expected to arrive there on Jun 7th, 19:00 

Visit this page regularly for new updates following this cargo's journey to its intended beneficiary

Each box contains an Aquafilter pump and health and hygiene items, stainless steel kitchen set, basic shelter, simple tools, and other necessary household items. The Aquafilter pump supplied in each box when attached to the box provided can then be filled with dirty water. When manually pumped through the pumps filter it is able to deliver 10 litres of safe drinking water per person each day and will provide for a family of five for up to five years

Thank you for raising funds that have enabled this chain of events to take place. Your aid has been instrumental in providing 10 liters of safe drinking water per person each day and will provide for a family of five for up to five years. Giving this family and families like them hope for the future

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