Water Survival Box aid is being sent to:  Haiti

Water Survival Box make final preparations to send 360 WSB’s of aid to Haiti. On the 14th of August a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck the Tiburon Peninsula in the Caribbean nation of Haiti, approximately 150 kilometres west of the capital, Port-au-Prince. 136,800 buildings have been damaged or destroyed. 2,248 dead and 13,000 injured or missing.

Type of disaster: EARTHQUAKE

Our greatest challenge providing aid to Haiti has been finding a way to transport aid at an acceptable price. With airfreight prices for the transportation of 360 boxes, being prohibitively high, air transport was ruled out. Our boxes will now leave the UK in mid October by sea-freight and will take approximately 22 days to arrive in country. It will then through our in-country partners “World Vision” (who have managed to negotiate a duty free waiver for humanitarian aid) distribute our boxes to those in need.

July 2022   The Water Survival Box were distributed in Cavaillon between end of June and beginning of July FY22, at the main town of cavaillon, the venue was Eglise Saint Benoit, 292 Households (110 men and 182 women) with the potential to serve a total number of 1460 individuals. In summary 360 water survival boxes were distributed each family received a box containing plastic sheets, kitchen set, hygiene items, cooking set, water filter, water containers, etc. using beneficiaries’ word it was like gaining in the lottery because they received many kits in one. Local leaders and head of houses were happy, because many of their concerns were addressed, but also the households, because water filters offer the potential for reducing the risk of diarrhea, and also the box enabled them to cope with the loss of household items, and shelter.

Monday 15th November - It is with great pleasure that we announce this afternoon 360 Water Survival Boxes together with 240 School in a Bag rucksacks left our depot in Somerset, England on rout by sea freight for Haiti.  The shipments Estimated Time of Arrival in Port au Prince (Haiti) is mid December.. Please follow this page for updates on the shipments progress. Thank you for your support and patience.

Hugo Pike  OBE

Friday the 26th of November -  The consignment of 360 WSB boxes and 240 School in a Bag rucksacks left London dock for Haiti on Wednesday the 24th on the ship Fort Royal. The ship is currently in Le Havre. To track the ships progress to its final destination, use the link below. Once again, thank you for your support and patience .


Friday the 24th of December - What a great Present for those in need in Haiti. Just before Christmas the cargo ship C.M.A-C.G.M. docks in Port au Prince with our container holding 360 WSBoxes and 240 School in a Bag rucksack's.  Merry Christmas Haiti.

Please return to this page for regular updates as we follow the aid as it journeys towards Haiti and those in desperate need.

Each box contains an Aquafilter pump and health and hygiene items, stainless steel kitchen set, basic shelter, simple tools, and other necessary household items. The Aquafilter pump supplied in each box when attached to the box provided can then be filled with dirty water. When manually pumped through the pumps filter it is able to deliver 10 litres of safe drinking water per person each day and will provide for a family of five for up to five years

Thank you for raising funds that have enabled this chain of events to take place. Your aid has been instrumental in providing 10 liters of safe drinking water per person each day and will provide for a family of five for up to five years. Giving this family and families like them hope for the future

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