What greater gift can you give than a gift that keeps on giving.


Your Message in Our Box

Based on the concept of placing a message in a bottle for some one to find, We offer you the option when donating towards items being placed in our boxes to send a personal message to the family opening the box..

From the items listed below select the gift, that you wish to purchase, this takes you to the Water Survival Box GlobalGiving page, 

On the GlobalGiving page, select the arrow next to the appropriate item, which will be added to your basket to pay for the gift.  
If you wish to select more than one item please return to the previous page to add to your basket.
To complete your purchase please enter the relevant details, you can pay via Credit/Debit card or PayPal. 
Please do not donate anonymously so that we are aware of who has made the purchase.

Once the gift is purchased please return to this page and email to us via the "send an email" button the following information.

1    Email the message you would like placed in one of our Water Survival Boxes to  doug@watersurvivalbox.org

2    We will reproduce your message on a card and place it in a box heading for a disasters area.

3    We will track your box and notify you of its destination,

4    If we receive a reply from the recipient we will notify you

If you would prefer just to make a donation you can do this by going to the Donate Page.

If you have any problems please let us know via the "send and email" button.  Thank you for supporting our efforts.

Personal hygiene items - toothpaste, brushes, soap and nailbrush, wipes, bandages,

Tarpaulin for shelter 6 meters by 4 meters

Rope and scissors, water containers

Tools including, hammers, nails, pliers. all-in-one tool, cable ties, Stanley knife, duct tape

Cook set with pots, plates, bowls, mugs and cutlery

Filter and Pump to make water safe


Airfreight costs


Full cost of box including all contents and airfreight

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