Water Survival Box aid is being sent to:  Philippines

Typhoon Odette hit the Philippines

The Typhoon left hundreds dead and hundreds of thousands of families homeless. Initial reports showed devastation across many areas of the impacted regions, but it is only over the subsequent weeks that the full scale of damage has come to light. Initial assessments only hinted at the scale of destruction – nearly 1.7 million houses damaged or destroyed, massive damage to infrastructure, agricultural land, fishing communities and livelihoods across a vast geographic area of the country. In total, the Typhoon severely affected an estimated 9.9 million people across the six worst hit regions, leaving about 2.4 million people in need of assistance.

Type of disaster: Typhoon

Friday April 22nd. 2022 -  The long awaited shipment of 200 Water Survival Boxes destined for Manila to aid those effected by the aftermath of Typhoon Odette leaves our warehouse in Midsomer Norton (UK) today. The shipment being transported by air is scheduled to arrive in the Philippines on Friday the 29th of April. With thousands of families still in dire need of aid, this shipment will bring much needed help to many people. Thank you for your financial support which has helped make this shipment a reality.  Please follow this page for news of its arrival.

Thank you for raising funds that have enabled this chain of events to take place. Your aid has been instrumental in providing 10 liters of safe drinking water per person each day and will provide for a family of five for up to five years. Giving this family and families like them hope for the future

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