2020/21 have been challenging years for charities providing aid to those in need

This has definitely been the case for a small charity like Water Survival Box. Before the Covid pandemic and its effect across the world, all WSB aid was sent by air freight. Our aim being to be the second line of fresh water aid in areas where their infrastructure was in ruins,  We do this by providing a first class option to turn polluted water into drinking water (presently the new Grifaid Family Filter pump included in each box that can provide up to 120 litres of clean water per hour).

Overnight it seemed that the opportunity to send our boxes by air freight stopped. Firstly due to administration restrictions, then due to economic considerations.  With this in mind we turned our attentions to a sea freight option and concentrated our efforts on sending aid to war- torn countries, specifically Yemen and Syria. Working with new partners we have been able to transport over 600 boxes on 4 separate assignments to these areas, bringing much needed aid to the thousands of men, woman and children who have found themselves in dire need.

Now as the world works its way through the Covid pandemic our options are again changing and even though our latest consignment of 360 boxes sent to Haiti where a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck the Tiburon Peninsula is going by sea, we are seeing signs that once again air freight could be a viable option.

For despite the many challenges we have faced in this period disasters happen and the call goes out to charities like Water Survival Box for aid and it is with your continued financial support that we are able to make a difference. So for this we are truly thankful.

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