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Rotary responds: support for Ukraine

The Rotary Foundation and Rotary clubs around the world have hurried to provide funds, supplies, and services to Ukrainians displaced by the war. Rotary Foundation has raised more than $15 million in contributions that are already helping provide people in Ukraine with essential items such as water, food, shelter, medicine, and clothing. Donations made to the Disaster Response Fund after 30 April will be available to all communities around the world that need assistance recovering from disasters.  

Ukraine  Appeal  - Water Survival Box UK is monitoring the rapidly unfolding situation both in Ukraine and in the bordering countries to which refugees are fleeing from the war. We maintain contact with a number of our partner NGOs to determine the need for either Standard Water Survival Boxes or the Multi-pack version. When the need is confirmed we would aim to work with a recognised NGO operating on the ground to ensure our aid did get to families in need.

Water Survival Box Pictures and update - Ukraine

Monday 11th December 2023

Another 200 Water Survival Boxes left our warehouse in the UK to start their journey to help people in the war torn cities in Ukraine. As the invasion of Ukraine continues, so does the need for humanitarian aid to families in need.Thank you for  your support.  Photos show boxes in transit in Ukraine.


Friday 15th September 2023

A new consignment of Grifaid Family Water Filters starts its journey to Borys Bodnar in Lviv Ukraine. The two pallets of Grifaid GFF5 filters (total of 360 filters) for families displaced by the conflict in Ukraine and/or without access to safe drinking water will travel over land and arrive within a week of departure. Please follow this page for news of their arrival. Once again, thank you for your continued support which makes our support possible.

Thursday 24th of August 2023

Consignment of Water Survival Box’s and Grifaid Family Water Filters that left the UK in July have arrived in LIV (Ukraine) bringing much needed support to the Ukrainian people. A special thank you to Will Jackson and his team from Hereford who facilitated the transport and of course the many WSB supporters in the UK, Switzerland and Denmark who’s financial donations have made this possible.


Wednesday 12th of July 2023 - 

A consignment of Grifaid Family Water Filters starts its journey to Ukraine.

Today Water Survival Box initiate the process of transporting three pallets (a total of 540 filters) of Grafaid Family Water Filters to Ukraine. Each Filter has the capacity to provide 200,000 litres of clean water and an operation life of five years. This consignment will arrive at its departure point in the UK before the end of the week and from there head by road to Ukraine. Thank you to all our supporters for making this shipment to the people of Ukraine a reality. Follow this page for updates on this consignments journey.

Monday 3rd of July 2023 -
Update on the  Kakhovka Dam disaster shipment

On the 30th of June the consignment of 200 Water Survival Boxes and 360 water filters arrived safely for distribution in Liv. The destruction of the Kakhovka Dam last month has led to a massive loss of water causing the various rivers and streams that had been feeding water to the area to dry up. In the short term more water filters will be needed. While in the longer term, as the Ukrainian forces regain territory and people return to occupy their former homes there will be a need for standard WSBs to enable them to begin to rebuild their family lives. -  With your help Water Survival Box will be providing this much needed assistance. Please follow this page for news of future shipments. Once again, thank you for your support.

Wednesday 14th of June 2023

New Shipment to Ukraine, Kakhovka  Dam disaster area.

Today 200 complete Water Survival Boxes plus a further 360 Grifaid Family Water Filters begin their journey by road with a truckload of humanitarian aid destined for displaced families who are suffering from the after effects of the destruction of the  Kakhovka Dam. A big thank you to our partners and those who have given so generously to WSB, helping us make this aid a reality.

17th Febuary 2023 Shipments day from Rotary Club Pyvden' New Level
All set up and ready. Tomorrow is the day of shipping Water Survival Box filters and water purification powders P&G 6 filters and 1200 packets of powders will go to military formations where there is a problem with drinking water.
Many thanks to my ARL team friends Borys Bodnar . Anna Vasyltsiv , Igor Savchykevych for the opportunity to solve the drinking water problem.

1st February 2023   One of our partners in the delivering of aid to Ukraine,  IMC (The International Medical Corps) report that although the Water Survival Boxes have arrived and are awaiting distribution, their goal is to distribute the WSB’s to those most in need. As you can imagine, the most vulnerable populations are located in some of the most insecure areas. The IMC team intends to distribute the WSB’s to communities near the front lines in Donestk and Kherson oblasts—these areas have experienced consistent attacks since the start of the war. Due to the security situation, the team have struggled to find available storage space to stage and prep for distribution. However, the team recently secured temporary storage space in Donetsk and anticipates that the distribution will be completed by the end of February. Once again we thank you for your support for without it, this would not be possible. Please follow “Storyline Ukraine”  as we keep you updated as to the status of this consignment.

 Rotarian's Hugo Pike OBE, Erik Tornoe, PDG Peter Eigenbroth, PDG Tony Quinn, and PDG Jan Brinck.

Our 7th consignment of humanitarian aid for families without access to safe drinking water in Ukraine was possible thanks to Rotary in Denmark and the Safe Water Trust.
It comprised 400 Grifaid Family Water Filters – each capable of providing 100 litres of safe drinking water per day for a family of five for 5 years. The bulk of the cost was raised by Rotary in Denmark and supplemented by a generous donation in kind from the Safe Water Trust.
We were delighted to welcome a small Rotary delegation from Jutland in Denmark who flew across to play a key role in the packing session as the 400 filters and water carriers were packed into 80 boxes. Each box also included the operating instructions in English and the Ukrainian language.
The Danish link began in 2012 at a Rotary Institute meeting in Sweden when Jan Brinck and his wife first became aware of our Water Survival Box Rotary project. This led to an invitation to give a presentation at Peter Eigenbroth’s Rotary District Conference in Aalborg in 2015 where he was ably supported by Erik Tornoe. Their donation of £15,000 covered the cost of 100 standard Water Survival Boxes which were sent to Tamil Nadu in India following extensive floods.
In 2019 a Rotary support group – Water Survival Box-Denmark – was established by Peter, Jan and Erik to increase awareness of our Rotary charity and to raise funds to provide more help to families affected by natural or manmade disaster.
This latest consignment will go overland to Lviv in Ukraine where arrangements for distribution to families or small communities most in need will again be organised by Borys Bodnar of the Ukraine Unity Rotary Club.

December 2022 - 360 Water Survival Boxes, plus 500 Solar Lamps to Rotary District 2322, RC Ukraine Unity

September 2022 -   670 Solar Lamps to Rotary Distrivt 2322,  RC Ukraine Unity

Water Survival Boxes in Kherkiv -

International Medical Corps  our partner distributing 200 WSB for us have been targeting newly liberated villages for the distribution of the kits as most of them are accessing water from  unprotected shallow wells and boreholes. The acquisition of permit from the civil military administration to visit the villages took some time as they only had weekly permits to visit the city. The have acquired storage spaces in the newly liberated areas, and have been training local people on the operation and maintenance training of the filters, see attached video

Sunday 18th July
- The joint Water Survival / Aqua-Box consignment of 620 Water Filters has arrived in Lviv and as you read this are being distributed to those in greatest need. Thank you for your support which has made this possible.

Photos show boxes arriving in Ukraine

Friday 8th July 2022

Another 620 Water Filters are awaiting collection today from the Water Survival Box warehouse in Midsomer Norton, UK, final destination Ukraine. This consignment was made possible by the joint efforts of Water Survival Box and Aqua-box and of course the generous financial support of our Rotarian friends

Boxes attended by Hugo Pike OBE

Tuesday 21st June

A new consignment of 200 standard Water Survival Boxes leave our warehouse in Midsomer Norton, England, on their journey to Kiev, Ukraine. The boxes will be distributed by the International Medical Corps in-country team. This shipment is intended for the besieged families in the Odesa area. Due to the fluid situation in country this of course could change.  Thank you to all our supporters both in the Uk and in Switzerland who by their donations have made this shipment possible.

Wednesday 8th. June 2022


Tuesday 21st June - A new consignment of 200 standard WSBs leave our warehouse in Midsomer Norton, England, on their journey to Kiev, Ukraine. The boxes will be distributed by the International Medical Corps in-country team. This shipment is intended for the besieged families in the Odesa area. Due to the fluid situation in country this of course could change.  Thank you to all our supporters both in the Uk and in Switzerland who by their donations have made this shipment possible.

On the 8th of June a consignment of 30 Water Survival Box  Multi-Pack’s each containing 5 boxes and lids, 5 Grifaid Family Filters and 5 Water Carrier left the WSB warehouse in Radstock England. The150 boxes, pumps and water carriers will be taken by road to the warehouse provided by the Rotary Club of Kosice in Slovakia. From there they will be collected for transportation to the Rotary Club of Ukraine Unity in Lviv. The estimated arrival date in Kosice is the 14th of June. This consignment has been paid for by Rotary Clubs in Switzerland and coordinated by Water Survival Box - Switzerland. A true example of Rotary in Action. Many thanks to all concerned.

 Tuesday 19th. April 2022

Although the advice we have received suggests that it is not yet practical to send our boxes into Ukraine we have been able to send two consignments overland. The first was facilitated by the Pallet Network and consisted of 9000 toothbrushes and 4500 tubes of toothpaste, commodities requested for refugees in Poland.

Our second consignment was sent via Rotary District 1200 who arranged an HGV to take a wide range of medical and other supplies. Included in that were a further two pallets of toothbrushes and toothpaste as well as 600 solar lamps.
We are delighted to tell you that these have now been distributed in Ukraine in the city of LVIV by Rotary.
We have received this post on our Facebook page

"Thank you Water Survival Box! This was received in Lviv, Ukraine on Friday 15th April and distributed on via the Ротарі в Україні / Rotary in Ukraine network the following day.  Igor Savchykevych Vasyl Polonsky Tamara Nedobor"

The cost of these two deliveries was in the region of £21000 so all donations are very welcome

Ukrainian Aid Arrives in Poland before Easter - Water Survival Boxes second consignment of aid providing requested items for families affected by the war in Ukraine has arrived in Poland  It was a part of the much larger lorry load of ‘medical equipment and specified items’ being provided by Rotary in England and coordinated by our District Governor Michael Fernando and President Lyndon Brett of the Bridgwater Rotary Club.

Thursday 24th March - Our second shipment of aid for the people of Ukraine leaves the Water Survival Box warehouse in Midsomer Norton destined for Poland. On this occasion the consignment consisted of another pallet of Toothbrushes (approx. 9500)  and (approx 4800 tubes of Toothpaste and for the first time a pallet of Sola Lamps. The shipment that will travel by land is expected to arrive at its destination early next week. We continue to monitor the situation and provide aid as requested. Follow this page for the latest updates.

14th March 2022. Water Survival Box UK policy continues to monitor the rapidly unfolding situation both in Ukraine and in the bordering countries to which refugees are fleeing from the war.

A pallet of 4416 tubes of toothpaste and a pallet of 9024 toothbrushes will leave our Westfield warehouse today and depart from the pallet collection centre hopefully this Friday  heading for a destination in Poland. Further Shipments containing our standard Water Survival Boxes are planned in the near future subject to demand.

5th  March 2022 - The on-going invasion of the Ukraine has already caused 1.5 million people to escape, seeking sanctuary in neighbouring countries. The infrastructure, including supplies of water, of their home areas has already been severely damaged.
Water Survival Boxes are designed to meet the short to medium term needs of displaced families and this is our immediate priority – although the timing will be determined by clarification of where and when the need is confirmed. The current appeal is primarily intended to target these needs.
We are maintaining close contact with other Rotary initiatives being coordinated by Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland in partnership with Rotary Inter-Country Committees across Europe.
In the longer term any unspent donations made specifically for the Ukraine would be ring-fenced and then used to assist in funding one or more long-term sustainable water projects in that country. During the past 16 years we have used this procedure to pay for such projects in Sri Lanka (2011-2012), Nepal (2015), and Indonesia (2021-2022).
Our Rotary registered charity is entirely volunteer managed and operated so that every pound donated is applied to covering the costs of the boxes, contents, and air freight to expedite their delivery.
Donations can be made and boosted by applying gift aid (if you are a taxpayer).

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