Drought displaces one million in Somalia



‘Catastrophic’ drought displaces one million in Somalia

The recent drought in Somalia was among the most devastating. Following news about numerous livestock deaths from shortage of water, grim stories of human suffering started to emerge. As of mid-December, there were reports of people, mostly children, dying due to a calamitous drought in central Somalia as well as a veritable exodus of people fleeing the drought to urban centers.

Water Survival Box video1 copy

March 2023 - This  consignment is in response to a request from International Medical Corps following floods and drought in the same region. There has been much devastation from the flooding and a cholera outbreak as well.

Water Survival Box sent 200 boxes on 28 Feb by air to Mogadishu. There was a small delay en-route in Liege but they should be there now. Full report to follow from IMC in due course