Earthquake,  magnitude 6.8  hit Morocco just after 11 p.m. local time..

Friday 8th September 2023 - The earthquake’s depth was 11.5 miles, and the epicenter was 44 miles southwest of Marrakesh (French: Marrakech) near the town of Adassil, in the High Atlas Mountains, Al Haouz province. There are many picturesque but tiny villages in the mountains, several of which have been devastated.

MOROCCO - 24 May 2024 - 
10 pallets – 200 boxes will be leaving the Water Survival Box depot in Radstock, England at 0900 to travel by road to Morocco. On arrival in Morocco they will be distributed by the High Atlas Foundation to people still in dire need for assistance. This will make 407 boxes distributed by HAF and a further 200 distributed by the Association Scout du Maroc . Once again, thank you for your donations which have helped us to make this shipment possible

Final Report on previous aid distribution 

Videos of Onsite Distribution

Latest Video from Humanity First   -  2nd. April 2024

Monday 11th  March 2024 

Action for Humanity have now on our behalf  successfully distributed our Water Survival Boxes to individuals in need. The affected people expressed sincere appreciation for the contents of the boxes, highlighting their practicality and usefulness in the aftermath of the earthquake. This positive response reaffirms the value of our initiative and underscores the importance of such humanitarian endeavors in providing tangible support to those in need. Once again we thank you for supporting the work of WSB. Your support has made this delivery possible.

Thursday  - 25th January 2024 -

A further shipment of 200 Water Survival Boxes in transit to Morocco distributed by Association Scout du Maroc after the earthquake.

Friday - 5th January 2024 -

Today our shipment has cleared Moroccan customs and is now safely in our country partners (High Atlas Foundation (HAF) warehouse. HAF are now in the process of organizing distribution of this much needed aid. This will be prioritized and take place very shortly.

Monday 4th December 2023 - 

As a follow up to the aid WSB already sent to Morocco, a further 200 Water Survival Boxes left our warehouse today. The distribution of the boxes will be organised through our partners on the ground in Morocco, the High Atlas Foundation (HAF). Our aim is for these boxes to reach those still suffering from the aftermath of the earthquake that affecting up to 450,000 individuals by Christmas. Once again we thank you for your generosity. For without your continued support this consignment that will bring relief to 200 families would not have been possible. Thank You.

Wednesday 27th of September - 2023

The first Water Survival Boxes are downloaded in Morocco. Many thanks to our partners who have made this initial shipment possible. These specimen boxes were sponsored by members of an Atlas Overland trekking group from England and delivered to the High Atlas Foundation (Moroccan NGO) in Marrakech for evaluation and in order to obtain customs waiver for a much larger consignment. Follow this “Storyline” post for news regarding the further shipments planned to bring much needed aid to the people of Morocco affected by this horrific disaster.

Monday 11th September 2023   
Water Survival Box have 500 boxes in stock and as we post this Storyline are working with our major partners including Aquabox to prepare for dispatch as soon as we can get clearance on customs and logistics.  In disasters of this scale the first week or so is all about rescue - As soon as we get the green light from one of our partners we will respond.